(44) Curse of the Fairy Ghosts

Once upon a time, there was a lovely and charmed kingdom, full of elaborate marble palaces on hills. The people, though they were delightful to converse with, accidentally ran afoul of the ghosts of the fairies who regularly enjoyed an evening glass of wine with them. No one quite remembers what was said, but the most powerful ghost laid a curse in them, that they would forever have wheels rather than feet- a feature particularly perilous given the nature of the many stairways in the hilled city. The people of the city became insular, and now have only each other to invite for tea, much depleting the scope of their acclaimed social grace. The ghosts only show up to smugly smirk at the poetic justice of the punishment, despite not being able to exactly remember why it was poetic, as the nature of the dispute was never exactly clear…


(44) Curse of the Fairy Ghosts

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