From readings and workshops to residency programs and songwriting retreats, the Bowers House is dedicated to cultivating an environment where artists thrive. Through a wide variety of events and associations, we are committed to nurturing the talents of writers from across the country. The harvest benefits us all: Works of art that enrich, enlighten and connect us in ways that transcend geographic and cultural boundaries. The Bower House enlists donors and sponsors and grant managers to keep the facility going and the historic home standing which avails in-house retreats and residencies to artists and writers who may not otherwise have this opportunity, with an emphasis on underserved/minority/multicultural participants. The home is also available to arts organizations and groups and university and business affairs.

The Bowers House offers a diverse array of programs that support the writing community including via our Program Ambassadors, listed below per their Creative Specialty:


Laura Bowers Foreman– Ambassador Emeritus

Charles Prier– Writers Groups Ambassador, Director of The Bowers House Writers Guild

Karen Gelhaar, Jean Cleveland and E. Deborah Hill- Creative Communications Ambassadors

Jonathan ‘Jonny’ Hibbert (with help of Henry Read, Marvin Jackson and Jeffrey Diamond)- Music Ambassadors

Roumina Georgiva- Classical Music Ambassador

Kim Shockley Karelson (with Linda Mitchell, Vickie Martin Conison and Daphne Covington)- Fine Art Ambassadors

Mary Anne Mitchell-Photography Ambassador

Max Woo- Dance Ambassador

Ryan Lannom (Bleace) and Karol Molina- Digital Art and New Media Ambassadors

Denise Moore/Alex Spassoff- Yoga and Health Ambassadors

Linda Wetstone and Neil Croak- Social Ambassadors

Jorge Ortoll and Vanna Pilgrim– Theater and Acting Ambassadors

Joe Hynes– Cuisine Arts Ambassador

Evan Hynes and Kira Hynes- New Arts Ambassadors

Chip Vandiver- Legal Ambassador

David Gordon- Accounting Ambassador

Fi Kaplan Heyburn and Barry Lamon (FeeBee’s Lounge) – Lounge Event Ambassadors

Molly Woo and Chris Parsons- Humanitarian Arts Ambassadors

Flippo Monetti- Mechanic Arts Ambassador

Scott Westervelt- Clothing Design and Costume Arts Ambassador

Mary Wilson Beasley- Unitarian-Universalists Church Ambassador

Gerald Maa, Jean Cleveland and Jane Kidd- UGA Ambassadors

Coby Koehl- New York Ambassador

Brandon Nance- South Carolina Ambassador

Sunny Ingram- North Carolina Ambassador

Jessie and Catie Read- Colorado Ambassadors

Leigh Vandiver- California Ambassador

Aidan Pilgrim and Ryland Cook- European Ambassadors

Lourdes Obillo and Roger Chua- Philippines Ambassadors

Mike Boruki- South American Ambassador

Laura Gates- Scandinavian Ambassador

Jane Carrington and Luke Rosen- Florida Ambassadors

Ricky Carter and Darrell Detter- Building Ambassadors

Steve Bond, Mildred Bowers Felton, Laura White Wiley and Brenda Ziegler- Bowers Family History Ambassadors

Writer’s workshops
Writer’s residencies
Writer’s Guild

The Bowers House Creed

The Bowers House strives to spark new creative ventures and involvement in the arts by providing opportunities for writers and artists to pursue their best work without distractions of daily life with the backdrop of an historic railway stop hotel owned by The Bowers family for four generations. By establishing housing and inspiration to aspiring and established artists with a focus on multi-cultural retreats, concerts, programming and arts residencies and education, the facility will be a perpetual center for creativity and cultural enhancement and entertainment. Resident members present the creative results of their stay at the house for an episodic production ‘Bowers Hour’. We seek to host your creative retreat or extended artist residency or weekend getaway, with added customized services including catering and event hosting that assists in funding our mission of establishing residencies for minority/multicultural/underserved young people and established artists who may not otherwise have opportunity for this sort of experience. The Bowers house actively seeks donors, sponsors and grant managers to facilitate in our mission.